About Us

At GambleManiacs, we provide the best and most up-to-date information from the online gambling world. You will get unbiased, trustworthy, transparent and complete reviews of individual casinos - all in one place. In addition, we offer hundreds of online slot machines and casino table games to enjoy right in the browser or mobile. All games are available without registration and free of charge.

Because today there are literally dozens of online casinos, choosing the right ones can be fairly complex. We'll help you find out which casino is safe, what kind of bonuses it offers, or how to deposit and withdraw money.

Our mission

In GambleManiacs we believe that gambling should be fun and safe for all players. We want everyone to find the best possible casino. That is why we offer several ways to get our users the best services and gaming experience:

  • We write the unbiased, truthful reviews of the casinos we personally tried
  • We publish strategies, tutorials, news and useful information for players
  • We offer exclusive deals with casinos just for our visitors

We used to have been the bonus hunters, so we know what the right casino must have. We are players like you, so what's important to you is important to us as well. It's not just about bonuses and promotions, but above all security, user experience with software and games, but it is also about the speed and convenience of prize-winning and overall player's service. Nobody wants to wait for his or her money for a long time we definitely do not.

How do we write casino reviews?

Security and Privacy

Before we start dealing with any casino more thoroughly, we will always check the credibility of the site first. Who issued a gambling licence? Who verified the fairness of the gaming systems? And how this casino protect their players' data?

We'll put in the money

Fast, easy and overall trouble-free deposits are absolutely vital for any casino we will eventually decide to recommend. In order to do this, we put in every casino our own money. We mostly use Skrill, Neteller, or credit cards. We also contact Customer Service and review their responses and overall support.

We play and withdraw winnings

At each casino, we try several different games for real money. We evaluate not only how enjoyable they are, but also their rules and house edge. Once we play some games, we'll collect money from our player account. The faster and easier the overall process is the better not only for our players but also for the casino itself. We also assess the verification process and its speed.

Final score

The final rating will be received by every casino we decide to try. Finally, we consider all features and decide what is important. That way you will immediately see the weakness and strengths of the casino. Reviews are regularly updated and edited based on the experience of other players. It does not mean that if the casino was once great, it will stay so forever.

We offer: True facts and information, independence, a platform for your opinions and criticism

We want: Quality, fair play, transparency