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Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications that exceed our capabilities, we cannot tell you when we will be able to review your casino.

However, we offer three options how you can add your casino to our website: 

  • For free 

Please note that if you choose this option, we are currently unable to guarantee when your casino will be reviewed. Previously this was approximately 6-10 months, but as this range has constantly increased, now we do not guarantee any deadline!  

We are a small team of enthusiasts who constantly create rich content for our website. Now, expedited requests (please read below) optimally cover our capabilities, so if we're not working on such a review, we use the time to work on other aspects of our website and its content.

Important: if you choose this option, please do not attempt to contact us in any way to urge or for follow-up any information about reviewing! It is completely unnecessary and wastes not only your time but ours as well. So it does not help your case at all. 

  • Express processing for €455 - the review will be added within two months

  • Express processing for €585 - the review will be added within two weeks

Registration to your affiliate system and any subsequent negotiation of promoting terms takes place after the review has been written. (To save time, there is no need to negotiate the terms of the promotion before we write the casino review and sign up to your system. Please do not contact us about that before the review is done and ready to publish.) 

Please be aware that you are not buying a better ranking. Our reputation ratings are not for sale! So if you want to add your casino to our website, you should be sure about your product.

The only way it works for us is to keep correspondence to a minimum. So we provide a take-it or leave-it approach that provides us business and cuts down on the time-wasters.

Basically, this is not a serious source for our organisation – so emails stating wanting reductions or anything do not work.

The fee was chosen primarily to save us time and filter out the often unnecessary work involved in subsequent communication. Therefore, if you have any further questions or requests, we will not deal with them until the review is published. As it was said before - The only way it works is to keep correspondence to a minimum. Once we have your casino on our website with a good ranking, we can communicate on daily basis.

Thank you for your understanding.  

Money-back Policy

We reserve the right to refuse to issue a review, for example, due to a non-existent gambling license or false information in the questionnaire. In case, we refuse to publish a review and/or do not issue a review in time, we guarantee to send your money back!