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Aviator is the newest online casino game on the market. The aim of the game is straightforward. Cash out before the plane crashes. As the Aviator Casino game starts, you have some time to make a bet from 0.1 to 1000 units. You can see a plane take off and fly at the beginning of the round, showing the bet multiplier. The longer it flies, the more you can win.

The Aviator casino game is actually very easy to grasp, and pretty much everybody will get it in no time. The plane will randomly crash, and you need to hit the cash out button before it happens. If you manage to do it before the round ends, your bet will be raised with the current bet multiplier from the moment of push. Just try the game for free and see for yourself.

Aviator Casino Strategy - Tips and Tricks

The Aviator offers two handy features. These are separate bets, auto bet and auto cash. Learn to use them as soon as possible and fasten your game.

  • Separate bets - the feature allows you to place more than one bet. For example, two bets of €50 instead of one of €100.
  • Auto bet - the feature automatically places bet(s) before the round starts.
  • Auto cash - you can set up beforehand the multiplier. And if the plane does not crash before it hits the mark, Auto cash feature cash out on your behalf.

Because it is one of the newest gambling, there are no proven strategies on Aviator so far. Since the results or the individual rounds are random, there is a fair probability that there never be a functional strategy. Just like at slots or roulette. But, we will watch closely, and if someone comes up with something, we will update the article.

Where to Play Aviator Casino Game

If you want to play the Aviator game for free, you can play it here on this site. Just wait for the game to start.

If you prefer to play the Aviator for real money, you need a make an account in the real online casino. For more convenience, we have picked up several online casinos with the Aviator game, which we find safe to play in.

Aviator Game FAQ

  • Is the Aviator game real or fake? Aviator is a real casino game made by software Spribe, currently offered in Curacao licenced casinos and bitcoin casinos.
  • How do you always win at Aviator? There is currently no proven strategy that allows winning at Aviator every time. You can set the auto cash feature at a very low value, for example, 1.2x or 1.5x and win most of the time with a low payout.
  • How do I download aviator games? If you want to play Aviator Casino Game, you do not have to download it. You can play it online, even on mobile right here.

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